The Big One - 2004


Melbourne to Pt. Augusta
Sth. Flinders Ranges
Coober Pedy
Red Centre
Heading North
Heading West
Heading South
Heading East

Trip Plan

For this trip we are planned to go up through the centre of Australia to Darwin then head West through the Kimberley's, down the coast of Western Australia and then home via the Nullarbor Plains.  We planned on taking three or four or five months, whatever was comfortable.

The map shows our planned route.  We estimate about 15,000 kilometres towing.  All the sight seeing trips should add a few more thousand to that

We finally left on Tuesday, 8th June and arrived home on the 18th September.  We had planned to spend a few weeks down in south west WA but the weather was pretty bad down there so we decided to leave that for our next trip and so just north of Perth we turned left and headed for home.  All up we travelled almost 21,000 kilometres and had a fabulous time.

The Age newspaper did a piece on greynomads called The Wander Years and published it in the Drive Section on the 29th December.  They interviewed us and used five of our photographs from the trip to illustrate the article.


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