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South Flinders Ranges to Ingomar Rest Stop

Friday - 11th June
Still in Pt. Augusta, headed out to Quorn in the South Flinders Ranges for the day, following the track of the restored Pichi  Richi Railway, missed out on a ride though as train only running weekends.  Travelled the scenic route in a loop north of Quorn, lots of abandoned stone farm-houses and great scenery including the Warren Gorge, but missed seeing the yellow footed rock wallabies.
Park well maintained with great views across to the South Flinders Ranges, just watch the security.

Saturday - 12th June
Departed Pt. Augusta around 8:45 headed north up the Sturt Highway.  Country-side very green from recent rains. Visited Woomera and checked out the rocket displays and the detention centre, very tidy little town but like a ghost town, nobody around.  Stopped up the road at Lake Hart for lunch, quite a few travellers enjoying the sunshine and the view of the lake full of water (apparently a rare event).  Pushed on north and overnighted at the Ingomar Rest Stop.  Had a couple of reds and sat under the stars around a fire with Brian and Ermagarde.  Then a very restful sleep only to be woken at 5am by two Road Train drivers idling their diesels outside our van while they had a bit of a chat for a while.  Eventually they drove off and we could return to sleep.


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