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Welcome to our Web site!

Hello our names are Rob and Judy Tudor and we are from Victoria, in Australia. Following is normally a live view from our deck across our bird feeder.

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We have retired and following the dream of many of of our boomer compatriots, we decided to buy a caravan and do a bit of grey nomadding around Australia.

We purchased a Future System Jet 610 caravan.  Its 20 foot long and sheathed in fibreglass.  We are very pleased with it.

The caravan is fairly heavy, 2600kg loaded, so we bought a Landcruiser 100 V8 to provide the towing power.  It handles the load with little effort, and also drinks heartily.

We didn't have much experience towing, but we have had a lot of caravan holidays, and we love it.  We did do the caravan towing course at METEC in Kilsyth and would recommend it.

Look forward to catching up with other travellers on the road.

You can email us at



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