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Day 56 - Saturday 25th June 2005

Set off for the short trip to Paris and had a good run till we got near the city and the traffic slowed down.  We were stopped on the A5 when we got hit in the back. Bugger, a women two cars behind had run into the car behind us and pushed her into us.  Both other cars damaged seriously, but no damage to ours.  We pulled off the motorway, after Judy hung out the window to stop the traffic on the inside lanes, and filled out the necessary forms, fortunately driver of car behind us could speak English, because driver at the back couldn’t, neither could the gendarmes who turned up.  We sorted things out and the gendarmes held up traffic on the motorway to allow us back in.  (And if I'd taken Judy's advice and driven the car directly to the airport to drop it off rather than going via the hotel in Paris it wouldn't have happened, and she never even mentioned it.)  Still it was a time.  Rest of trip into Paris was relatively uneventful.  We checked into our hotel, the Prince De Galles in the Avenue George V, just off the Champs Elysee, dropped of our bags then headed out to Charles De Gaulle airport to drop off the car.  Another uneventful drive.  The big Paris sales started yesterday so we should be in for some good shopping.  Met up with Cam and Ninya, who are staying at the Marriot just round the corner and went for a walk down to the Eiffel Tower.  Huge crowds there, a skate boarding competition was going on front of the tower and we sat down by the fountain along with a stack of Parisians and dangled our feet in the water. A lot of the locals were swimming in it and one was even swimming round with his snorkel and goggles, no idea why.  Dinner was at a great restaurant on the West Bank, "Le Reminet" recommended by Ninya's mum.  We couldn't get a booking till 9:30 so wandered over past Notre Dame and watched various buskers, tango dancers and high jumping skaters.  Eventually we were seated for dinner at 10:00 and had a great meal with some excellent wine.


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