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Day 57 - Sunday 26th June 2005

Went off to Versailles with Cam and Ninya.  A very loud and long thunderstorm poured rain on us for some time, we bought plastic ponchos and umbrellas and eventually got inside the palace.  Spectacular rooms with good wonderful paintings and frescoes and them with the rain.  Back in Paris we had a late lunch at a café on the West Bank then headed back to the hotel.  Rain had cleared up and it was starting to get hot again.  Cam and Ninya left to catch the Eurostar back to London and we went up to the Montmartre district.  Found a restaurant that we had gone to the last time we were here in the Place Gustav Toudoze and had a delicious dinner then walked from Pigalle to the Place Clichy.  Very seedy area up there, mostly sex shops and tabletop dancing bars.


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