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Day 58 - Monday 27th June 2005

Went to the Rue d'Alesia, home of reduced price designer clothes.  I bought a couple of  Armani t-shirts that were marked down from outrageously expensive to just expensive, Judy couldn't find anything to suit. We lunched at a side walk cafe, I had a dodgy seafood salad, which had me feeling somewhat seedy a little later in the day.  The day got hotter in the afternoon so we went off to the Tuileries and sat in the shade of the trees to watch the locals play boules.   There was quite a large carnival operating at the edge of the gardens but it was too hot for it to have much trade.  Jude went shopping around the area while I sat at an outdoor cafe with a beer.  I had asked the waiter to bring me a large beer, he bought a mug I could fit my head in, and only 20Euros ($32 Aussie).  Still it was refreshing.  Judy still couldn’t find anything she liked.


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