The Nullarbor



The Nullarbor


Across The Nullarbor

Sunday - 12th September

Headed down to Norseman through fields of wildflowers, local gave us the gen on where to get petrol on the way across the Nullarbor, best spots were Mundrabilla in WA and Penong in SA.  Around 25c/l cheaper than the other stations on the route. Filled up and headed east.  The trip along the 90miles straight was while not actually boring was no particularly interesting, 144km of arrow straight road.  Still it was an experience.  Overnighted, with about a dozen other travellers, at a Dombelgabby Rest Area 145k east of Balladonia.  Met Erwin from Alsace round the campfire.  He was travelling the world in his campervan with his wife and two kids.  He’d been in Australia for 5 months, had 2 months to go then was shipping his campervan to Asia for a few months there, then the Middle East.  He’s having a great time.

Monday - 13th September

Had a look at the Bight from Eucla then pushed on to overnight at the Bunda Cliffs Scenic lookout.  Views were incredible.  The blue waters of the southern ocean crashed against the cliffs, would have loved to have done a bit of fishing in them but my line probably wouldn’t have made the distance to the water.   Sat on the cliffs watching the sunset with a shot of rum, (from the Hoochery in Kununurra) and my last Cuban cigar.  Delightful.  Pretty windy overnight but not too cold.

Tuesday - 14th September

Continued on across the Nullarbor, stopped in at a couple more scenic lookouts, the views got even better.  At the bottom of one of the cliffs we spotted a seal lazily swimming along.  Didn’t see any whales, supposed to be a lot in the area.  Drove past the end of the dog proof fence. Arrived at Ceduna and checked into the Foreshore Caravan Park.  Nice sites, good facilities and handy to beach and shops.  Set up, did a bit of shopping then went out to look at some candidate fishing spots.  Probably fish tomorrow if weather OK.  Bought a couple of dozen fresh oysters, they were beautiful.


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