The Nullarbor



Saturday - 11th September

Up early and off to Kalgoorlie, head winds moderating somewhat.  Checked into Prospector CP and went off to the Miners Hall of Fame.  Great afternoon, watched a gold pour (turned out to be just brass), did some panning for gold, Judy got a couple of flakes, I got nothing and then rode the cage down underground for a tour of the workings.  The level we were on was only about 40 metres underground but there was a small hole in a side passage to a another part of the mine which dropped down about 1300 feet.  The guide was an ex-miner and really liked his work.  He turned on the fans, which were deafening and the air-drill which was even more so.  Something like 120Db, it was shattering.  After the mine tour we went off to the lookout over the "Super Pit".  They have worked out it is more economic to open cut mine than to have individual mine shafts.  The pit is gigantic, the trucks carrying the ore up out of the pit look like dinky toys but are actually huge, the wheels look about 3 or 4 metres tall.  Each truck load of ore yields about a golf ball sized lump of gold, but the trucks are running constantly so there is still a vast amount of gold extracted.


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