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Monday - 6th August

We left Cloncurry and drove north along the Matilda Highway heading for Normanton. Much of the highway is single lane but the shoulders were in excellent condition and there was not a great deal of traffic.  Only had to get off for one or two road-trains. We stopped for a drink at the Burke and Wills Roadhouse and then pushed on into the afternoon. Lunch was at a remote rest stop. We passed through "cities" of termite mounds.  We had planned to overnight at a rest stop south of Normanton but it looked a bit desolate and we were making good time so kept going and stayed beside the crocodile infested river just across the bridge from Normanton.  Nice flat spot, quite a few other campers around.

Tuesday  - 7th August

Filled up the tanks in Normanton (15c/l cheaper than the Burke and Wills roadhouse.) and drove on to Kurumba.  We set up in the Kurumba Point Caravan Park, big sites, nice amenities, very friendly staff.  We look out over the sand flats were we can watch brolgas dancing and a smallish kangaroo comes up for a feed. We had dinner at the pub on the point and watched the sun set across the gulf.  The tides were very low. It was my birthday so I was allowed to have the mud crab.


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