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Sunday - 29th July

We were up early today and set off for Boulia.  The countryside that we drove through was fantastic.  Flat plains off to endless horizons, interrupted by  “jump-ups” of red rock with Spinifex coated sides.  The flat areas are coated in small pebbles of ironstone which glow red through to black depending on the height and direction of the sun. It was suggested that the ironstone, which in certain light, looks like industrial waste, is the result of volcanic action around the coast. The road is mostly single lane and if there is an oncoming vehicle, you both slow down and move half off the road; if the oncoming vehicle is a road-train, you get off the road entirely and let him have it all.  On the way we stopped for a beer at the Middleton hotel, reputedly the most isolated pub in Queensland.  It has an original Cobb & Co coach out the front and the “Hilton” free camping area across the road.  Stop in if you are passing.  After another camera stop at the Cawnpore Lookout, we continued on our way and arrived in Boulia about 3pm. We set up then walked into town.  Not much open on Sunday except the “Min Min Encounter”.  The encounter is a substantial animated display that takes you through a variety of scenes and explanations of the Min Min lights.  Very professional and worth a visit.  On the way back we saw some beautiful brolgas taking off across the street.  An otherwise beautiful picture was spoiled somewhat by a badly placed light pole.  Back at camp we happy-houred with some neighbours including Ron and Jan, a couple of fellow caravaners/touring oz forumites.


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