Devil's Marbles



Monday - 5th July 

Another early start had us heading off to Mataranka, sidetracked to Daly Waters and fuelled up at the pub.  Should have stayed there for the night rather than at the Highway Inn.  Looked more interesting.   Another sidetrack to the graves of the "We of the Never-Never" characters before pulling into Mataranka around lunch time.  Booked in to the Mataranka Homestead Resort.  Would have been a reasonable park except for the huge colony of incontinent fruit bats that occupied the jungle next to the park during the day then moved into the park at night.   Had to barbeque our dinner with an umbrella over the barbeque and spend the evening sheltering under the protection of Max and Judy's Ultimate Camper. The hot springs were terrific and a bit of  canoeing on the river provided some much needed exercise.



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