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Wednesday - 13th September

Packed up and headed north for the Riverina. Pleasant day. We stopped at ?? for lunch then continued on to our overnight stop at the Hatton Rest Area, a few km north of Hatton. Plenty of space. Fired up the generator to heat curry for tea and keep batteries charged up. Fairly peaceful night, just a couple of trucks pulled in.

Thursday - 14th September

Arrived at Dave and Eliana's station just before lunch. We had some lunch and sat around in the garden while Dave spent the afternoon rounding up some of his cattle.

Friday - 15th September

We went for a walk along the Darling River, very low at the moment, while Dave and Eliana went into Mildura for some shopping. After lunch we toured the station, about 83,000 acres. There were some wonderful old ruins scattered round the property. Michael's trail bike broke fairly close to the homestead and we went out to rescue it. Some of the bulls were pretty big.

Saturday - 16th September

Dave's birthday, so we had a big night, Michael had a very big night and wasn't feeling too good the next morning.  Our home made Limoncello added to his woes.

Sunday -17th September

Left for Broken Hill - checked in at Broken Hill City Caravan Park - sites somewhat cramped but good facilities and very busy.


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