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We've retired and followed the dream of many of our boomer compatriots. We bought a caravan and have done a bit of grey nomadding around Australia.  We also do some international traveling, pity we can't take our van with us.

2014 Big One

The Australian Caravan Club
A great national caravan club that will work for all RVers.

Our Cruiser          and our Caravan


  Some great sites for information and to follow the travels of fellow caravanners.

Volunteering Australia Can you volunteer your time and/or skills to assist in the outback?
Caravanner's Forum A great forum for information and camaraderie
Badger's Australian Caravan Parks Report A comprehensive report of Aussie Van Parks
Caravanning and RVing in Australia Lionel Mussell's very comprehensive site
Chris and The Grey A pair of legendary composers of bush poetry, singers of ballads and spinners of yarns.
No Boundaries ) Some wonderful web sites with


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